How to show the author's full name in the reference list

Usually the author's first name is shown as initials in the reference list. It is easy to change the settings to show the author's full name.

You need to make a simple change within the EndNote style in order to show the author's first name.

  1. Open EndNote
  2. Choose the style you want to make changes to
  3. Click Edit - Output styles
  4. Choose Edit "Name of the style" from the list
  5. On the left side: Under Bibliography, choose Author name
  6. At Initials: Change to Full Name
  7. Save: Choose File -Save as. 
  8. Name the new style, for example APA 6th_fullname
  9. Close the window by clicking in the upper right corner.

Please make sure you choose the new style in EndNote and Word in order to show the full name. 

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