HSN Open Archive

HSN Open Archive is the institutional repository of University College of Southeast Norway. Here you will find academic and scientific works in full-text. All the content in the institutional repository is in open access and available for everyone.

The institutional repository contains academic articles, PHD theses, master theses as well as some bachelor theses. HSN Open Archive is a part of the national collaboration BIBSYS Brage, where over 50 institutions publish their publications.

In addition, you will find publications from: AiR – Nasjonalt kompetansesenter for arbeidsretta rehabilitering, Sykehuset Telemark, Telemark Research Institute Bø (TRI), Telemark Research Institute Notodden (TRI) and Tel-Tek.


Link to HSN Open Archive


The benefits of HSN Open Archive

For the author, publishing a paper/article in HSN Open Archive, will lead to:

  • Safe storing of the publications (permanent URL and routines for long-term saving)
  • Increased availability through channels like Oria and NORA (Norwegian Open Research Archives), which may lead to more reader and more citations.
  • The opportunity for parallel publishing, in addition to the original publishing source
  • Increased visibility, providing international access for researches living in developing countries
  • Higher ranking in Google Scholar and Google when the author’s full name is searched for
  • Opportunity to link to a certain publication from other web pages, for example from the author's curriculum vita
  • The possibility to collect statistics of access to the published material:
  • Total views and monthly views last six months
  • The number of downloads
  • Location of readers

To the university college and to people outside out organization, HSN Open Archive will mean:

  • Easy access to and overview of the university college’s academic output and student papers
  • Free access to research done at USN


Do you wish to make your paper/report etc available in full-text to others?

For information on how to procced, please contact your campus library.


Do you have any questions, contact your campus library or send an email to vitnarkiv@usn.no

Agreement for electronic publication of material in HSN Open Archive:



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Master students at the old TUC need to fill out Erklæring om mastergradsavhandling when handing in their thesis at their campus.


Open Access

Open Access aims to make all research available for everyone, free of charge. HSN Open Archive is an institutional repository in the BIBSYS Brage initiative and offers publishing for students and employees at USN. Read more about Open Access