Research documentation - Cristin

Research is registered in the national system Cristin (Current research information system in Norway). Cristin documents all scholarly publications by Norwegian researchers. Researchers at USN are required to register their research here. Cristin is used by the Ministry of Education and Research to provide data on academic publishing.

Note: The english webpage at is under development. We will update our page and links as soon as possible. Need help with Cristin? See Cristin contacts.



The first joint reporting year for USN was 2016 (reported 31st March 2017, as HSN). Previous results are available for HiT and HBV separately.

The official results and statistics can be found in the following sources:


Deadlines for the reporting year 2018

  • 30th November 2018
    Deadline for submitting suggestions for new publication channels at level 1.
  • 21st February 2019
    Deadline for registering/controlling academic joint publications (with authors from other institutions)
  • 1st April 2019
    Main report to the Database for Statistics on Higher Education (DBH):