Students reading articles

Oria searches for articles across a variety of databases. Search for article title, author name or subject. Select articles under material type.

When you know the article title

Write the title into the Oria search box. If you get more hits you can refine on material type, date, etc. in the left menu. To read an article, click View it and then the base where it is located:

Article in Oria

Articles you cannot find or get access to, can be ordered for you. If you do not get the desired search results, Google Scholar may be an option.

Searching for one word

Use Advanced search, select In subject or Mesh, and material type Articles

Article search in Oria

Searching for phrases (multiple words)

Use Advanced search, select In subject or Mesh, and material type Articles. Select phrase, or type the search terms as quotes. Example: "marketing plan"

Article search in Oria

Do you get too many hits? Results can be refined by using the limitation settings to the left of the search results list. Limit by dates, language, source, etc.

Articles in journals and newspapers

Articles that the library holds as printed sources only are generally not searchable by title or subject in Oria. To find the complete reference, you must therefore search in for example Web of Science or Google Scholar. Full text articles from most Norwegian printed newspapers can often be found in the database ATEKST

Advanced article search

For the most detailed searches, use one of the library's databases. For more article search tips, read more


If you do not find the article

Try to find the journal in which the article was published. Be careful to read your reference correctly! Example 2010, vol 8(1), pp.53 means the article was published in the year 2010, in volume 8, number 1, and is on page 53.


Search alerts / save query

You may choose to set up regular, automated article searches and be notified by e-mail when new documents are registered. Read more