Loan policy

Anyone can use and borrow from our collection. HBV students and employees have access to our digital library 24/7.

Loan policy

  • Students, employees and other individuals can use our collections on site.
  • You need to bring your library card in order to borrow items.
  • Masters students- and those engaged in further education programmes can have items sent home if they do not live close to campus. Return costs are at your own expense. Please contact your campus library in order to make arrangements.
  • Library services can be provided for businesses. Prices can be quoted on enquiry.
  • Loss or damage to items will be fined at our current rates.
  • Violation of our loan policy can result in loss of loan rights.

Loan period

Loan periods are either two or four weeks. Some specific items may have other loan periods.

Please note that interlibrary loans may have other loan periods. Items can be renewed as long as the item is not on hold for another user. Read more about renewal here.

Lost or damaged items

You will receive three reminders about unreturned borrowed items: two by e-mail and one by letter, which will be sent to your registered home address. Students get e-mail reminders sent to their HBV student e-mail account. If the item(s) are not returned after this, you will be charged a replacement cost. Our current rates are:

  • Books: Purchase price, or minimum NOK 750,-
  • DVDs, CDs and CD-roms: Purchase price, or minimum NOK 250,-
  • Interlibrary loans will be charged at the library’s current rates.

If you do not pay the bill, it will be sent to debt collection. Unfortunatly, we do not refund payments on lost items if found at a later date.

Alternatively, the borrower may purchase a replacement copy and deliver this to the library.

The borrower has no borrowing rights (applies to all campuses) before the compensation is paid or the material is returned.