The document have multiple reference lists

Each time you insert a reference a new reference list appears.

  1. Make a copy of your document and continue the steps within the new document.
  2. Click the EndNote toolbar and choose Edit & Manage Citations
  3. You will see a list of references that you have inserted in the document. Does any of the references say  Traveling library? If yes: continue from step 4. If no: continue from step 5
  4. Click Export to EndNoteand choose Export traveling library. Click OK.
  5. Click Convert citations and bibliography and choose Convert to unformatted citations
  6. Please pay attention to the reference lists at the end of your document. Repeat step 5 until all the lists are gone. Please note that all the references will look like something like this while you are doing step 5: {Olsen, 2013 #45}
  7. Click Update citations & bibliography

If this solves the problem: the copy you made is the new document you need to use.

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You can also search for a solution using EndNote FAQ.