Weird symbols/curly brackets in the document

The parentheses have been replaced by curly brackets and the reference list has disappeared: {Olsen, 2013 #45}

Don't delete or try to replace any symbols in your text! Try one of the following proceedures below in order to resolve the problem: 

EndNote x7

  • Click the EndNote toolbar in Word
  • Click Update Citations og bibliography
  • Make sure it reads Instant formatting is on
    • If not: click the arrow and choose Turn instant formatting on

EndNote x6 or older

  • Click the EndNote toolbar in Word
  • Click the dialogue box within the Bibliography group.
  • Choose the tab called Instant formatting.
  • Read the text. If it says Instant formatting is currently off you will need to click Turn on
  • Click OK

If this does not work and the document opens with visible symbols/brackets:

In Word select:

  • File
  • Alternatives
  • Advanced

o    Scroll down to Show document content
o    Show fieldcodes instead of their values

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

You can also search for a solution using EndNote FAQ.