Exporting from Oria

This is how you send references from Oria into your EndNote library.

From the Oria search results, choose the alternative menu (Three small dots, later the X in the image) then choose EndNote desktop and finally Download for sending the reference into EndNote (here shown with Firefox)

Export from Oria to EndNote


When prompted what to do, find Endnote in the menu:

Opening the reference in EndNote

The reference should now be located in "Imported references" in the left column in EndNote. Make sure the reference is correct. Adjust by double clicking the reference or use the Reference panel to the right. You will be prompted to save the changes when closing the reference.

Important to check:
• Number of pages: often lacking. If the reference is a journal article or a book chapter, you need to add the page numbers (write the numbers only!)
• Change forl. to forlag / publisher
• Edition: this Information is possibly in a note in Oria. Put the edition number in Edition (example: 2 - not 2nd ed)
• Edited Books: change reference type to Edited book and add editor
• Check author name / editor names: sometimes the name of the translator or name of chapter authors have been placed into the author / editor field.
• Chapters: You must add the editor

Browser choice

Exports from Oria and other databases work well with most browsers, but they behave differently. Mozilla Firefox is recommended as the easiest to use with Windows and Mac.