How to make a backup of your library

You can also use the backup to share the library wih others.

Make a backup/Compressed Library

  1. Open the  EndNote library
  2. Click File - Compressed library (.enlx)
  3. Do the following: (Choose create & email if you want to email your library). Click Next
  4. Choose where to save - keep in mind that if you want to save a backup you need to save the library outside your computer (hotmail, gmail, google docs, another hard drive, dropbox or similar)

When you are saving a Compressed library, you will get both the library file and a folder called .Data. This contains the file attachments as well as information about groups you have created.

Open a Compressed library

  1. Find the Compressed Library file. It has .enlx in the name of the file. (for example My EndNote library.enlx)
  2. Place the Compressed library file where you want your library to be saved
  3. Double click the file
  4. EndNote opens the file as a EndNote library

You can import this library in to another library.


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