How to register a chapter in an edited book

By edited book we mean a book with multiple authors where each author is responsible for his or her own chapter. In Oria it will stand (ed.) by the author's name in edited books.

Import the book to EndNote as regular, or you can edit a copy of the book if it is already in your library.

In EndNote:

  1. Right click the book
  2. Choose copy
  3. Right click once more
  4. Choose paste

Now you need to edit the post and fill out information about the chapter:

  1. Double click the reference you just copied
  2. Change Reference type to Book section
  3. Select, click and drag the names from Author to Editor
  4. Select, click and drag the title to Book title
  5. In Author type in the author of the chapter
  6. In Title type the title of the chapter
  7. In Pages add the pages for the chapter, for example: 3-13
  8. Close the window to save the changes

Do you need to register more chapters from the same book? Copy the reference you just saved and use that to create the new reference.

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.