How to use EndNote with Google Drive

You can use EndNote with Google Drive (formerly known as Google docs), but you need to format the document in Word before you can complete your work.

You can use EndNote with Google Drive. You will need to add pages etc. manually, and the Word document may seem a little different than usual. When you are done writing, you need to format the references and reference list.

Multiple people kan work together, but you can only use references from one library! You will need to agree upon who inserts the references before you start the writing process.

How to insert a reference:

  1. Go to EndNote, select the reference and copy it
  2. Go to your document in Google and paste the reference in the text. It will look something like this: {Olsen, 2013 #45}.
  3. When a reference is inserted in the text, the other writers can copy this reference and use it other places in the document.
  4. See the table below on how to manually add pages, exclude the authors from the parenthesis and add comments.

When you are done writing:

  1. Download the document as Microsoft Word (.docx) - this should be done by the same person that added the references to the document.
  2. Open your Word document
  3. Click Update Citations and Bibliography under the EndNote toolbar in Word.

You will need to add pages, remove authors from the parentheses and add comments manually:

Desired result Instructions How it appears
(Olsen, 2013) ordinary reference - no need to do anything {Olsen, 2013 #45}
(Olsen, 2013, s. 10) Add @page number to show pages {Olsen, 2013 #45@10}
Olsen (2013) Place the author outside the parenthesis: @@author-year {Olsen, 2013 #45@@author-year}
(2013) Remove the author from the parenthesis. Remove the name by deleting it {,2013 #45}
(Olsen, 2013, last paragraph) Add comment in suffix: `, comment - Please note the punctuation {Olsen, 2013 #45`, last paragraph}
(Andersen according to Olsen, 2013) Add comment in prefix: comment \ {Andersen according to \Olsen, 2013 #45}
(Olsen, 2013, Andersen, 2014)

Insert more references in the same paranthesis: Place the references after another. Remove }{ and add ; between the references. 

EndNote will automatically sort the references when you update your bibliography.

{Olsen, 2013 #45}{Andersen, 2014 #90}

{Olsen, 2013 #45;Andersen, 2014 #90}

(Olsen, 2013, s. 24; Andersen, 2014, s. 65) Multiple references in the parenthesis, each with its own page numbers

{Olsen, 2013  #45@24;Andersen, 2014 #90@65}

(Andersen according to Olsen, 2010, last paragraph) Add text in both prefix and suffix  {Andersen according to \Olsen, 2010 #45`, last paragraph}

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