Working with large documents

Sometimes EndNote is updating and saving frequently you are working on a document with many references. This can be both time-consuming and annoying. Here is how you can avoid it.

EndNote will update references and the reference list each time you change, delete or move the text. This can be quite distracting when you are writing.

  1. Save a copy of the document and keep working in the copy.
  2. Click the EndNote tool bar and choose Edit & Manage Citations
  3. You will see a list of references that you have inserted in the document. Do any of these say  Traveling library? If yes - continue from step 4, if no - proceed to step 5 (close the dialogue box first)
  4. Click Export to EndNote and choose Export traveling library. Click OK.
  5. Click Convert citations and bibliography and choose Convert to unformatted citations. All of your in-text citations change their appearence to for example: {Olsen, 2013 #45} (#45 tells you that it is reference number 45 in your library)
  6. Continue to insert references as normal.
  7. When you are done, or want to check the document, click Update Citations and Bibliography in the EndNote toolbar.

If you want to add page numbers, remove authors from parentheses or add comments, you need to do this manually while your references are unformatted:

Desired result Instructions How it appears
(Olsen, 2013) ordinary reference - no need to do anything {Olsen, 2013 #45}
(Olsen, 2013, s. 10) Add @page number to show pages {Olsen, 2013 #45@10}
Olsen (2013) Place the author outside the parenthesis: @@author-year {Olsen, 2013 #45@@author-year}
(2013) Remove the author from the parenthesis. Remove the name by deleting it {,2013 #45}
(Olsen, 2013, last paragraph) Add comment in suffix: `, comment - Please note the punctuation {Olsen, 2013 #45`, last paragraph}
(Andersen according to Olsen, 2013) Add comment in prefix: comment \ {Andersen according to \Olsen, 2013 #45}
(Olsen, 2013, Andersen, 2014)

Insert more references in the same paranthesis: Place the references after another. Remove }{ and add ; between the references. 

EndNote will automatically sort the references when you update your bibliography.

{Olsen, 2013 #45}{Andersen, 2014 #90}

{Olsen, 2013 #45;Andersen, 2014 #90}

(Olsen, 2013, s. 24; Andersen, 2014, s. 65) Multiple references in the parenthesis, each with its own page numbers

{Olsen, 2013  #45@24;Andersen, 2014 #90@65}

(Andersen according to Olsen, 2010, last paragraph) Add text in both prefix and suffix  {Andersen according to \Olsen, 2010 #45`, last paragraph}



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