Journal negotiations

Norwegian universities have national agreements on access to scientific literature with several academic publishers. UNIT is now negotiating with the publishers to secure sustainable agreements based on National goals and guidelines for open access to scientific articles.

USN has signed an agreement with Elsevier, and access to Science Direct will be continued. UNIT describes the agreement as "groundbreaking" in a press release on April 23, 2019. Researchers at USN can now publish articles as gold Open access in Elsevier journals without paying APC. More information will follow. 

Questions about publishing in Elsevier or Wiley?

Researchers can now publish articles as gold open access in hybrid journals from Elsevier and Wiley without having to pay APC. Pleas contact the library for more information. Read more about selecting publishing channels.


How to access articles full-text

Negotiations with publishers Taylor & Francis and SpringerNature contunues. Unit reports that access to Springer journals will continue this month, an Taylor and Francis has confirmes access will be open in April and May. All changes will be announced in advance.
•    Alternative ways to get access to articles in journals


•    In the current subscription system, scientific articles are behind paywalls, and the large international publishers are charging more and more for subscriptions. Norwegian institutions are currently paying more than 330 million NOK every year for reading access to scientific articles, including those written by scientists in Norwegian institutions.
•    Norway’s goal is that all publicly-funded Norwegian research articles should be made openly available by 2024 to the general public.
•    Institutions and consortia that negotiate agreements with publishers shall ensure that these agreements promote open access without increasing total costs, and that the terms and conditions are open and transparent.
•    The board at USN has adopted a policy document for open access to research publishing
•    National goals and guidelines for open access to research articles (Background document, Norwegian government)

Press releases about the agreements

Questions about the negotiations?

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You can find more information about the negotiations here:

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