Request books and articles

Students in the library

USN students and employees can request/reserve books and articles through Oria. It is also possible to request articles through most of the databases.

How to order through Oria

Sign in to Oria in the top corner. You can now request items that are on loan or available from other campuses. You are notified by text message or email once the document is available for you.

Click the desired item and Request. Select your pickup location (your campus).

Note! If you have additional information regarding your request or pickup location, please fill in the comment field.

Also fill in a date in Cancel my request if you know when you will no longer be needing the requested item.

Complete the order by clicking Request.

How to order interlibrary loans through Oria

If you can't find the document at any of our campuses, you may request an interlibrary loan from other Norwegian Academic Libraries. The procedure is similar to the one described above. It is not possible to borrow e-books or order a photo print of a complete book.

How to order through our databases

You can order articles that you can’t open in full text, directly through the database instead of ordering the article through Oria. Look for the Oria icon in the database search results and the database will search for the item across several library holdings.

Can't find the book or journal article?

For books or journal articles you can't retreive, please fill in this request form containing the item information you have. You need to be signed in to Oria to send the request. Please remember that it is not possible to borrow e-books or ordering a photo print of a complete book. If you have any questions regarding requests, please contact your campus library.

Recommendation for acquisition

We welcome recommendations for acquisition of new books! Please send it by e-mail to your campus library: