Academic writing webinar: Structure and Outlining (Zoom)

This webinar gives you an introduction to academic writing where we discuss the structure of academic texts with focus on bachelor and master thesis.

09 Feb

Praktisk informasjon

The webinar will be taught in English by Hanna Kavli Lodberg-Holm who is the coordinator of the USN Academic Writing Center and is open for all USN students. The webinar gives advice on how to work more structured and build an outline of your thesis. We will talk about different structures of theses such as IMRaD and what information should be presented in each part. We will focus especially on how to build a good introduction. Additionally, we will discuss research questions, use of sources and integration of figures and tables.

-    The writing process
-    Research questions and thesis statements: find your angle
-    How to find and assess academic sources
-    Build an outline while you are reading
-    IMRaD: Introduction, methods, results and discussion




Skriveseminar med fokus på arbeidskrav