Academic writing webinar: Text Flow and Academic Language (Zoom)

In this webinar we focus on how to write about information from sources in your own words and some advice on how to avoid plagiarism. The webinar also discusses how to create a good flow through your text by working on the structure of paragraphs and sentences.

02 Mar

Praktisk informasjon

Additionally, the webinar focusses on academic language and how to express yourself precisely and concisely. It will be taught in English by Hanna Kavli Lodberg-Holm who is the coordinator of the USN Academic Writing Center and is open for all USN students. The webinar is relevant for those writing a bachelor or master thesis or any other shorter academic papers.

-    Paraphrasing: how to reformulate information from sources
-    Plagiarism and how to avoid it
-    Paragraph structure: building your paragraphs to increase logical flow
-    Sentence structure and clarity
-    Concise and precise academic language
-    Proofreading




Skriveseminar med fokus på arbeidskrav