Writing workshop autumn 2021 (Zoom)

Are you writing an academic text or starting your bachelor or master thesis this autumn? This webinar provides an introduction to academic writing and the academic writing process with focus on the structure of academic texts, and how to build an outline for you paper or thesis. We will also discuss how to rewrite information in your own words and how to structure paragraphs and sentences. This will be four-hour webinar in two parts on Zoom (2 days).

20 Oct

Praktisk informasjon

  • Dato: 20. oktober 2021 - 21. oktober 2021
  • Tid: kl. 16.00 - 18.00
  • Sted: Webinar, (Zoom)
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  • This course is for students at USN only, and will be held in English.

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Part 1: 20th October 16:00-18:00 (4-6pm).

  • What is academic writing? A short introduction.
  • The writing process: How to avoid getting overwhelmed.
  • Thesis statement: Find an angle for your paper.
  • Structure of an academic text: IMRaD and other types of structures.
  • Introduction: How to convey that your topic is important and create interest.


Part 2: 21st October 16:00-18:00 (4-6pm).

  • Outline: The blueprint for your paper and an effective way of organizing literature.
  • Rewriting: How to write about previous research and reformulate in your own words.
  • Paragraph structure: Organize your paragraphs to lead your reader through the text.
  • Sentence structure and clarity: How to construct sentences and use clear academic language.
  • Proofreading: Advice on how to correct language mistakes and overly complex sentences.

This webinar is suitable for all experience levels and all students doing academic writing.