How to find the book in the library?

Book on shelfBooks in Oria are available as print books or as e-books. Some titles are available in one of the formats only.


To see where a print book is located in the library, click Available at University of South-eastern Norway.


Book on the shelf


The numbers + the letters in the right coloumn indicate the book's shelf location. Available displays the number of available copies.




Bøker på hyllaThe books are labeled with these  numbers + the letters. The books are sorted numerically on the library book shelfs:


How to find a book in the library (video)

Request books?

It's easy to request or reserve books that are not currently available. Sign in to Oria in the top right corner and use the request button.

Please note that a book may be in demand and have a waiting list. If you see an available book in Oria, the fastest way to get it is for you to locate it on the shelf right away.