Cristin - what to register?

It is mandatory to register academic publications

See the criteria for “academic publishing” for reporting to Cristin

  • Academic journal articles (including review articles)
  • Academic monographs
  • Articles in academic anthologies (edited books, proceedings etc.)

Publications from these 3 categories (“NVI categories”) are annually reported to the Norwegian Ministry of Education (through NSD/DBH). The results yields publishing points, which lead to economic benefit in the RBO part of assigned funds from the Ministry.

Other research results and presentations

Other research results and presentations should also be registered, to make all the research and development conducted at USN available in a presentable format. The universities and university colleges are for the time being not measured by these results.

The author is required to register the following types of research results in Cristin:Textbooks, reports, popular science publications, lectures and talks.

Se complete list of registration categories in Cristin (norwegian only).

Registration in other Cristin modules

In addition to publications and results, you may register the following at Cristin

  • Researcher profiles
    A simple profile will be generated automatically from the data in the USN systems and this will be attached to your publications in Cristin
    Log in to Cristin to add information.
    Recommended: Register your own USN contact pages’ URL
  • Projects
    Project leaders: register the project description with links to the people involved, publications etc.
  • Research units
    Register the research units and research centers
  • Annual report and miscellaneous:
    Write reports about your research visits, including prices and arrangements.

Also see our information about author affiliation