Reporting academic publications

The results for scientific publication are annually reported from Cristin to NSD/DBH.

The library is responsible for reporting USNs academic publication to NSD/DBH. The annual report of publications is due around April 1st the following year.

Publications qualifying for publishing points have to be verified. A controller has to see the publication to approve it for the annual report (this applies to academic categories / NVI categories)

The library can register academic contributions for you if you are not able to make the registration yourself. If so, contact the Cristin staff for your faculty.

Before the annual report is due, you should check that your registrations are correct. The library will inform you when the annual report date is approaching.


It is not possible to report results to NSD/DBH after the deadline

The annual deadlines for academic publications are absolute.

When an academic publication has not yielded publication point, there can be several reasons:

  • Not registered in Cristin, or in a wrong category.
  • Registered after the annual deadline.
  • The publication channel was not approved as scientific at the time of the annual report.
  • The publication didn't meet the requirements.
  • Already reported a previous year, e.g. as "online first" article, or an earlier book edition.
  • For conference proceedings: Proceedings that uses conference year as publishing year, even though it is actually published the following year, and after the deadline.
  • Not credited USN (lacking a USN author affiliation in the publication itself).