Meet our writing advisors


Alessia MarzanoAlessia Marzano has a BSc in religion and anthropology, a master’s degree in forensic anthropology and criminology, and a master’s degree in human rights and multiculturalism (USN).  She comes from social sciences but is also very interested in other disciplines. She firmly believes in inter-and trans-disciplinarity in research and is always open to a change of perspectives! She does consultations only in English.


Linda TaksetLinda Takset is currently studying at USN to become a secondary school teacher at campus Vestfold. She has previously studied basic medicine, followed by two years in medical school. She therefore has experience with academic writing within pedagogical and medical science, in both Norwegian and English.




Sofie JørgensenSofie Jørgensen has studied both outdoor life and philosophy and has been working as an academic writing teacher since 2018. She has experience with texts in both Norwegian, Danish, and English.





Mattias CyvinMattias Cyvin is currently studying Practical Teacher Training at campus Vestfold. He has a BA in folk music and a MA in traditional arts from USN Rauland, in addition to studies in English language and literature from NTNU. The bulk of Mattias academic experience is in the humanities, particularly within the fields of musicology and ethnomusicology. He also has some experience in literary studies, pedagogy, and linguistics. In his own research, Mattias mostly uses qualitative and practice-oriented methods, but he has wide ranging academic interests, and enjoys discussion and collaboration across academic disciplines. He is available for consultations in both Norwegian and English.



Marte StensbyMarte Stensby Fountain has completed her BSc in ecology and MSc in ecology and environmental management at campus Bø. She has most experience with natural science, but can also help with other texts, in both Norwegian and English. She mainly does consultations per e-mail.



Amber Struijk Amber Struijk is studying to become a learning disability nurse at USN campus Porsgrunn. She has a master’s degree in Art and Cultural Science and a master’s degree in Social-Cultural Sciences from to universities in the Netherlands. She has much experience with combining perspectives from different science disciplines like anthropology, sociology, history, philosophy and organization studies. Moreover, she has long experience from working in government. She is interested in multiple fields. Amber conducts consultations in Norwegian, English and Dutch.



Linea Ødegård Linea Ødegård is taking a masters in clinical healthwork at USN in campus Drammen. She has a bachelor in nursing from USN Porsgrunn and is still based in Porsgrunn. She mainly has experience with academic writing within health and qualitative method, but she also consults within other fields and methods. She does consultations in Norwegian.