Research data

Research data from USN should be published along the lines of USN's Open Access policy that says that research data should be as open as possible, as closed as necessary. This is in accordance with the principles from both the EU and the Norwegian government.

The USN Research Data Archive is our institutional archive where research data can be stored, made visible and accessible. The researcher can apply the necessary licenses and possibly put embargo and access restrictions on the research data.


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USN Research Data Archive is pushing 50! 

We are on the cusp of a milestone that we have been looking forward to for a long time. Our pet project, the USN Research Data Archive, is approaching it's 50th published dataset. Of all of the universities and universiy colleges in Norway, only the University of Tromsø has a larger open data archive. We are very proud of this achivement and want to continue to strengthen our position as one of the country's leading research data management institutions. 

We would like to celebrate this looming milestone with a little reward to those of you who will help us reach (and surpass!) 50 published datasets. 

USN's Research Data Archive was officially launched in the Spring of 2018. It was established on the basis of signals from researchers, publishers and organizations which indicated that the future of research sharing would not just be based upon results, but the research process.  

Research communication is increasingly based upon a transparent research process which allows for insights into how the research has taken place, and which allows for researchers to benefit from each other's work through the sharing of their data to the greatest extent possible. This is what is reffered to as FAIR research data: findable, accessible, interoperable and re-usable. 

These signals have only gotten stronger since we launched our RDA and have been in many cases formalized in terms of formal requirements from funding agencies and from a number of publishers. We in the research data group at USN have taken notice as well through the increasing number of enquiries that we recieve on everything from how to write a data management plan, how to collect and manage sensitive information, and how to publish a dataset in such a way that it gets notices by others. We offer guidance both on an individual and group basis. Our websites are constantly evolving and we are currently producing short films that can help you on your way. We also answer questions sent to us at

If you would like to have a quick introduction to help you get started you can check out this video or contact us at

Thank you from all of us!

The Research Data Group at USN.