An AI-tool integrated in Word that can suggest sources based on your own text.


Keenious is a reccomendation tool that uses AI to analyze your text, and suggests scholarly papers based on an algorithm. This tool can provide a search result list that contains sources that may not appear on your database search result lists, often including a few surprises.

This tool is not meant to replace the literature search, but act as an additional way of finding sources. Research shows that Keenious should be used alongside database searches, as there is little overlap in results.

Keenious may provide keywords (topics) that you can utilize in your literature search in Oria or databases. Keenious may also act as an aid at the end of the writing. If you perform an analysis of your (almost) completed text, you can look through the suggestion list and see if you have missed anything during your search prosess.


screenshot of the Keenious article list in Word


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