Is the publication academic?

What qualifies for academic publication in reporting research results?

The definition of an academic publication is given in the UHR report  “A Bibliometric Model for Performance-based Budgeting of Research Institutions”.

Clarification and current practices are described in the instructions for reporting academic publications (NVI).

Only publications defined as academic according to UHR definitions are reported to NSD/DBH (“NVI” posts). These generate publication points for the credited institutions, which in turn leads to result based funding from the Ministry of Education (RBO, result based distribution of research fundings).


An academic publication is defined in the Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions (UHR) report “A Bibliometric Model for Performance-based Budgeting of Research Institutions” (p. 12):

Academic publication

An academic publication is defined according to four criteria; all four of these must be satisfied. The publication must:

  1. present new insight;
  2. be presented in a form that allows the research findings to be verified and/or used in new research activity;
  3. be written in a language and have a distribution that make the publication accessible to most interested researchers;
  4. appear in a publication channel (journal, series, book publisher, website) that has routines for external peer review.