Systematic search

Do you need help to perform a systematic search? The library can help!

A systematic review summarises the best available knowledge on a specific subject. Reviews are based on a literature search carried out in a systematic, transparent and repeatable way.

Performing an extensive systematic search is time-consuming and requires expert skills in search techniques plus knowledge of different databases and information sources. The university library offers to perform systematic searches in collaboration with research project teams.

There are various types of reviews. Which suits you? See these examples:

One or two librarians with expert skills will perform the requested search.


This is what you get:

  • A peer reviewed, thoroughly prepared and documented search strategy.
  • A completed systematic search.
  • References supplied in the agreed format.
  • Publishing of the complete search documentation in USN Research Data Archive (with embargo if necessary)


In addition you can request:

  • A text describing the search that can be included in funding applications.
  • A text describing the search for the final report’s methodology section.
  • The beginning of a PRISMA diagram.
  • That the librarian contributes as a co-author of the publication. Several studies show that the quality of a systematic overview improves when librarians are involved more than in performing the actual search, for example:


You must minimum contribute:

  • In the beginning:
    • A start meeting about the research project and the search request.
    • Keywords, sources and limitations
  • During the process:
    • Communication regarding adjusting the keywords and limitations after the initial searches.
    • Evaluation of the results.