Where should I publish?

Where you choose to publish may be critical when it comes to how your research output will be discovered, read and hopefully cited. There are many considerations to make, like which language you choose, which audience you want to reach, and also publication points. In the Norwegian research documentation system, publication points and economic benefits are given to the university for publishing in approved scholarly channels.

Find journal candidates

  • Search for journal names or publisher names
  • Journals by scientific disciline at the Norwegian Publication Indicator. (Also called Kanalregisteret) is a list of scientific publication channels (journals, book series and publishers). This gives you an overview of which publications may give credits in the Norwegian allocation system for publication points.
    • If scientific level is 1 or 2 it means the scholarly level is evaluated as satisfactory by the Directorate and may allocate points to the university. 
    • The list also gives you information about Open Access.  Look up a journal, see information for Open Access under Sherpa Romeo and DOAJ, or if there is a publishing agreement (A)
  • Journal Checker Tool. Find out if your journal is compliant with Plan S.  You should always check The Norwegian Publication Indicator as well.


Suggest a new publishing channel

You are welcome to suggest new publishing channels, and you should absolutely do so if you believe that the publisher/journal fulfills the criteria for approval.

Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals, Series and Publishers

This list provides an overview of the academic publishing channels and their levels.

Journal ranking

The impact factor is one way of ranking journals according to how often articles are cited. The higher the impact factor number of a journal, the higher it ranks.

Open Access

Learn more about Open Access publishing.