How to use the library's e-books. Below the guide you will find our most relevant e-books databases.

Find eBooks
You have access to hundreds of thousands of e-books from the USN University Library.
You find them by searching the library's online catalogue Oria (tweak the search results in the right hand side menu and select E-books under resource type) or by visiting the e-book bases at the end of this page.
You can access the e-books via the USN network, or by logging in with a username and password if you are off campus.

Using eBooks

You can read e-books directly in your browser, or download them to your PC / MAC or mobile devices and read them offline. If you download an e-book then it is available for a limited time.
E-books can usually be read by several users at the same time, but there are also e-books that can only be read by one or a few users at simultaneously. If you do not have access to the e-book you wish to borrow, it may already be in use. Then try to borrow it later.

Several e-book providers allow you to download the entire e-book, but there may also be restrictions on the number of pages or chapters. In order to download e-books, you have to create your own profile with some suppliers. This is free. To download to mobile devices, you often have to install a reading program such as Adobe Digital Editions.

Printing e-books
It is possible to print from several of USN's ebooks, but it varies how much you can print. It is the individual e-book provider that determines the conditions, and systematic printing is not allowed.

Why can't I access ebooks?

  • You are outside USN's campus areas and are not logged in with the USN Feide login.

    • Most links to ebooks will then give you the Feide login screen (USN EZproxy) where you can log in with the same username / password that you use for Canvas etc.

    • Alternatively, you can log into Oria with Feide and check that your name is visible in the upper right corner.

    • Check browser and network settings. See solutions to common access problems.

  • Some ebooks can only be borrowed by one or a few people at a time. If the ebook is on loan, you will be notified that it is in use. Try again later.

  • Once the loan period on the e-book has expired, it is no longer available to you. You will have to download it again for a new period.

  • We no longer have access to the e-book or the book belongs to another library. Please contact the library.

  • You are not a student or employee of USN. Our e-books are only available to our students and staff.



Our most relevant e-book databases:

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