Kongsberg campus library

The Kongsberg Library is located at Krona, a modern building in the old town center. It also serves as the library for students and staff at the Fagskolen i Viken, studiested Kongsberg (Tinius Olsen). We are located on floor 4.

Knowledge and guidance

The library is open to everyone. Books, journals and databases are available to all visitors. Most books can be borrowed; journals may only be used in the library. During office hours, students and staff can get professional guidance in the use of library resources. In the evening the library is staffed by student assistants until closing time (except the summer holiday season).

Meeting place

In the library you can meet with other students, concentrate on your studies, work on group projects or take a break with newspapers and journals.

Accessible and user-friendly

The library is designed to allow users to easily find and borrow books on their own. Users can borrow and return books on self-service machines. The student/employee card serves as a library and key card. Students and staff have access to the premises outside of opening hours every day between 07:00 and 23:00

Work spaces 

The library premises feature different sorts of flexible study zones, some with desktop PCs. There is a silent reading room, a pc-lab/study room, and 14 rooms (including one multimedia room) designed for group work. Group rooms must be booked in advance in TimeEdit on min.usn.no ("grupperomsreservasjon") and be occupied during the first 15 minutes, otherwise the reservation will be cancelled.

Printing, copying and scanning

Available to students and staff. You must be logged in with your USN username and have enabled your student or employee card for printing.

Fagskolen i Viken, campus Kongsberg

We also serve students and staff of the Fagskolen i Viken (Tinius Olsen).

Request a librarian

The library answer all inquiries recieved at the library desk, by phone, or email. The “Request a Librarian” service allows users to reserve a free session with a professional reference librarian. Group lectures in literature searching, EndNote etc. can be arranged upon request. The service is for students and staff only.

IT Support

If you need help with IT-problems or have questions regarding printing or network access, please visit the IT support online service. It is staffed Monday - Friday 08:00-15:30. They may also be reached by phone 31 00 82 00 or email it-support@usn.no