Suggest a new publication channel

You are welcome to suggest any new publication channels. You should absolutely do so if you believe that the publisher/journal fulfills the criteria for approval.

Please note: if you want to publish in a series that has an ISSN number, it is the series that is considered a publication channel and not the publisher. You need to find or suggest the series in order to make an entry in Cristin using the publication channel, potentially eligible for publication points.

If you have, or are going to, publish scholarly, you must check if the publisher or journal is listed with scientific level 1 or 2 in the Register for Scientific Journals, Series and Publishers. If not listed, you must make a submission to the register.


Suggestions for level 1


Nomination for level 2

Level 2 is primarily limited to publishing channels (academic journals, series, yearbooks, web pages and book publishers) that:

  • Are perceived as leading in the subject and publish the most meaningful publications written by researchers from different countries.
  • Publish about 1/5 of the subjects’ total academic publications

Nomination of channels with the highest international prestige – level 2 – are carried out by the publishing department and the national agencies related to the subject. The lists are revised yearly, but changes are acvtivated with a delay for better predictability of a channel's potential points yield.



The deadline for submissions of new level 1 publication channels is 30th November each year.