Author affiliation

USN employees who author or co-author a publication must use "University of South-Eastern Norway" or "Universitetet i Sørøst-Norge" in their author affiliation for publications based on research carried out as an employee at USN, in order for these publications to be eligible for reporting as part of the USN Research results.

Please note that it is the institution's name that must be stated as your affiliation (University of South-Eastern Norway - english or norwegian). It is not sufficient to include only the faculty, department, institute or centre in the author’s affiliation. In such cases, the publication will not be awarded to USN. The old institutions names (before the merger - HBV and TUC) are also valid affiliations.

It is also customary practice to credit institutions that have given a necessary and substantial contribution to the research leading to the publication.

The institution name(s) must be given as author affiliation(s) within the publication itself to be valid.

Central guidelines

Registering USN affiliation in Cristin

  • If USN and a department is credited in the publication:
    • The author should be registered with affiliation to the credited department.
  • If USN, but no department is credited in the publication (as is usually the case):
    • The author should be registered with affiliation to the department where they are employed.
    • This applies when USN only, a USN faculty, or a USN research unit outside the official reporting structure, is credited.
    • If an author was affiliated with another USN department when the actual research was done, this department should be used as affiliation when registering the publication in Cristin (as recommended by UHR).
  • Updating author affiliations at institution and faculty level.
    Some USN researchers can be registered with a faculty-level affiliation. During the reporting year, the Cristin superusers will change this to department-level affiliation where possible.
     This can apply to:
    • New or former employees.
    • Guest researchers.
    • Registrations made by users at other institusjoner, or by import from the ISI, Scopus, Norart or Bibsys databases.
    • In these cases the prospective points will be marked as unspecified in the result overviews.
    • Until further notice personnel records will be transferred sporadically from USN to Cristin. An automatic solution will be established in the future.