Students and staff have access to a wide variety of films. This is an overview of Norwegian suppliers with information about access and usage.


Content: Films from Norwegian and international film heritage. Norway's largest film service for schools. Responsible distributor is Norgesfilm AS.

Use: Intended for movie viewing in the classroom, not private homes. USN has a subscription that includes the right to use the films in teaching in schools, and in small film rooms ("cinemas") in libraries. Passwords are given to teachers, contact the library's e-resource team.

NOTE! Not allowed to hand out passwords to students. The film can be shown with the students, for example in Zoom or the classroom, but students cannot watch the films alone from home.


Content: Short films and documentaries of more recent date, but also films that go back in time. For both children and adults: animated films, experimental films and humorous short stories. Here are also historically interesting and socially relevant documentaries.

Use: administered by the Norwegian Film Institute. Intended to give the public free access to Norwegian short and documentary films via public library streaming services linked to a national library card, which anyone can obtain if they do not already have one. You get access via your national library card. You log in to the service with your library card number and PIN code.

If you do not already have a national library card, you can get it here get it here then contact your (public) library to link it up locally. You can also create a new PIN code if you have forgotten it. You can also get a new PIN code sent via the Bibliofil and Bookbites apps.


Content: Norwegian, Nordic, European and international titles divided into classics, filmed books, Oscar winners and so-called blockbusters (‘bestsellers’) for narrower films in the arthaus / independent category. The films are selected by Filmoteket's editorial staff and in collaboration with the libraries.

Use: Recently launched service linked to a national library card that must belong to a public library. Note! Currently not available from all public libraries, see overview of available Filmoteket libraries.



Films in Oria

DVDs can be borrowed from some libraries. In Oria, select advanced search and material type video or sort by material type in the right margin of the search results.

Borrow or request the usual way.