Search guides

Search guides

The library collections are available for online search 24/7. Use these search guides to learn how to locate various types of material.

Searching for academic literature can be time-consuming. The process becomes more efficient if you are using some basic search techniques and have some knowledge about information sources. Consider what you're looking for before the search. Write down relevant words, phrases and names. Use your curriculum, dictionaries and encyclopedias to get a quick overview of the topic and to find precise keywords. Keep in mind that much of the library's literature is in Norwegian only. Be sure to check your spelling! If you are uncertain, or are searching for longer words or names, use the truncation symbol * Example: Searching for mark * matches words with the sequence of letters before the truncation (market, marketing, marketing etc.)

A Google search provides a quick result, but it can be difficult to evaluate what should be chosen and why. The library's databases are a safe starting point to look for scholarly information of high quality. Please take a moment to make yourself familiar with the selected databases' search functions. Then you will be better prepared to find what you want. Pay attention to source evaluation. The Citation Compass suggests some
guidelines in the process of assessing sources for writing at university-level.

Oria searches Norwegian academic and research library resources: books, e-books, journals, articles, student theses, music, movies and more. It provides an overview of what is available and where it is. Oria also contains links to full text material available online. For an expanded search outside of the library collections, tick Include material your institution doesn't have access to in the right hand side column. Sign in to use the request feature. See detailed Oria search guides from Unit.


If you cannot find what you need or find searching too challenging, please contact us for guidance. Request a librarian, chat with a librarian or stop by your campus library. We are here to assist you!

Search tips

  • Spell correctly
  • Use truncation * if uncertain about spelling. Example: mark* shows all words containing the order of the letters before the truncation symbol.
  • Add quotation marks to multi-word terms. Example: "marketing research"
  • Use synonyms
  • Be specific
  • Use the databases' help functions for more detailed search tips

Access from home (off campus)

As a USN student or employee, you have automatic access to the library's electronic collections when connected to the internet via USN's network. From home, log on with your USN username and password (Feide). If no access, see solutions to common e-resources access problems.

Search alerts / save query

You may set up regular, automated searches and be notified by e-mail when new items are available. Read more.