Publication Series

The Publication Series from the University of South-Eastern Norway is intended to broadcast research and development activity and to stimulate employees to document their professional work. The Publication Series is a supplement to the papers, books and articles the institution's employees publish through national and international channels and in trade journals.

Please note that most of the Publication Series are available in Norwegian only.

The Publication Series includes:

  • Professional papers that are thoroughly refined in terms of content, language, structure, etc.
  • Smaller papers of an original nature. In some cases the papers may have an “unfinished” or experimental character; in other cases it is refined, complete, high-level documents.
  • Original specialist literature produced by our employees to be used in subjects where work books and curriculum are insufficient.

Examples of Publication Series:

  • Reports from projects
  • Reports from parts or stages of a project
  • Reports from conferences, seminars etc.
  • Lectures, articles, collections of articles, essays etc.

The Publication Series is only published in USN's Open Archives.

Please note! Literature copied and gathered from other published sources are not published in the Publication Series collection.


  • The author is responsible for the paper's content. The author can use his/her paper in the Publication Series for further research/work and to make agreements with commercial publishers or journals for publishing.
  • The library has operational responsibility. The editorial responsibility lies with the Research and Development department.
  • The Publication Series is given ISSN/ISBN and publication numbers.
  • Publications in the Publication Series section need to be written in a certain format. See Formal requirements.

Submission requirements for an author who wishes to publish their work

1. Manuscript (on file) to the person responsible for the Publication Series. The manuscript should comply with the formal requirements.

2. Logos (if any) from joint partners

Send manuscripts, forms, and logos (if any) to the Publisher Series contacts.