Agreements for Open Access publishing

USN has entered into agreements on free open access publishing in journals with various publishers. This includes both Open Access journals and subscription journals. The agreements negotiated by Unit cover the APC in its entirety for USN's researchers. There may be some differences between the agreements, e.g. on rights to self-archiving at the time of publication, type of publication or workflow.

You'll find an overview of all the agreements on Open Science

Some of the agreement include full article publishing charge (APC) coverage, other agreements ensure a discount on the APC for researchers from USN.  

Some of the publishers specify a limit on the quantity of publications per year. When the quota is reached you no longer are entitled to publish freely in those hybrid journals.

Note well that for fully open access journal articles, you may still be entitled to apply for support from the publication fund

USN has agreements with the following publishers:

Remember to upload your manuscript in Cristin!

When you publish an article you must always upload the article in Cristin even though you have chosen to publish your paper as open access. This is to ensure transparency and to fulfill all open access mandates at USN. The university library will guarantee that an approved version will be uploaded to USN Open Archive.

Deals and negotiations

Unit negotiates on behalf of Norwegian universities and research institutions. The agreements must be in accordance with national goals and mandates for open access.


Please contact the publication fund if you have questions regarding open access publishing.