Zotero is a free reference tool for Windows and Mac. You import references from web pages and databases, and then you can use the same references in Word as you type. The program helps you cite, and also creates a reference list in your document.

You can download Zotero from here.

You will also need to download the add-on Zotero Connector for browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Then you will get an icon that lets you import references directly from internet to your Zotero library.

The icon in your browser will change according to the source displayed at the web page. It could look like a book (when you are looking at a book):

Zotero ikon

Or it could look like a sheet of paper when you are looking at a web page:

Zotero ikon 2

There are other icons as well, but all of them says "Save to Zotero" if you hoover them.

Please make sure that you have the Zotero toolbar in Word.

Zotero verktøylinje


Using Zotero (fra Zoteros egne sider)



Do you have any questions about Zotero? Please send us an e-mail. This service is only available to students and employees at USN.