FAQ for Data Management Plans (DMP)

Here is a list of frequently asked questions with answers regarding the content of your DMP.

Who owns the research data?

The University of Southeastern-Norway owns research data produced by its employees unless explicitly stated otherwise. See our guidelines for more information on ownership.

Will you use specific metadata standards?

USN Research Data Archive uses the DataCite Metadata Schema 3.1 as the base for its metadata.

How will the data be documented?

The data must be documented with an explanatory ReadMe file, in addition to the information registered in the description form in USN RDA.

Will the research data be accessible after the project has ended?

Yes, the data will be accessible through an open archive, unless the data is sensitive in nature or is otherwise not suitable for public access.


Will you use a license to set the condition for re-use?


USN RDA uses Creative Commons-licenses to set the conditions for re-use of published research data.

Will the data be stored securely?

Yes,  USN RDA stores multiple redundant copies of your information. Safety copies are made systematically every night. If your project are using other solutions than USN RDA, make sure that it has routines for making back up copies. 

In what format should I archive my research data?

You should archive your data in a format that is common to the research environment for your subject and that uses open, international standards. You'll find a list over preferred formats here.