Request a librarian - Drammen

Request a librarian is a service where you can book an appointment with one of the librarians at the University of South-Eastern Norway. We can help you search our different databases, provide guidance on how to use EndNote, and help you with many more topics relating to referencing and searching for information.

The library can be of help in your class as well. If you would like the library to organize a training session for your class, please contact your lecturer. They can make an arrangement with the library.

If you have a question about EndNote, please check our EndNote pages or send an e-mail to

How to request a librarian:

Send an e-mail to request a librarian.

In order to give you the assistance you need, please include the following details in your e-mail:

  • Your full name
  • Your phone number
  • When you wish to make an appointment
  • Your academic level (Bachelor´s, Master´s, or PhD) or if you are an employee

For help with searching our databases, also include:

  • Your problem/thesis
  • Search words that may be of interest
  • What you have done so far

Request a librarian sessions will usually take place on Zoom or Skype.