Breakdown in access to several journals – what does this mean for USN?

UNIT is currently negotiating with the Elsevier, SpringerNature, Taylor & Francis, and Wiley publishing companies on behalf of Norwegian universities and university colleges. The goal is to establish sustainable pricing models based on the Norwegian national guidelines for open access to research articles. The agreements expired on 31.12.2018.

Update 27.2.2019: The negotiations between UNIT and Elsevier, Springer, Taylor & Francis and Wiley continues. USN will still have access to articles, but it could be cancelled on a short notice. The university library stronly recommend that you download any articles you might need before the access is lost.

Update 4.1.2019:

It seems that it is still possible to download articles from Elsevier. We strongly recommend that you download everything you need now (before the access is lost). There is also negotiations between UNIT and Springer Nature, Taylor & Francis and Wiley. We are granted access until February 2019. You should download everything you need from them before February 1st.

Students: please follow the links from your curriculum and make sure that you download the articles you need before the access is lost.

Norwegian universities and university colleges have agreements with several academic publishers regarding access to scientific literature. UNIT is currently re-negotiating these agreements with Elseview, SpringerNature, Taylor & Francis, and Wiley for 2019. The focus of the negotiations is to establish sustainable pricing models based on the Norwegian national guidelines for open access to research articles, which demands that all articles based upon publicly funded research shall be freely available by the year 2024. This must occur without an increase in prices from publishers.   

In the current system, research articles are hidden behind paywalls at the publishers’ websites, and the large international publishers are constantly increasing subscription costs. Norwegian institutions are currently paying more than 330 million kr. to these publishers every year (over 35 million euro), just to provide access to research articles, including those produced by researchers at Norwegian institutions.

Elsevier has shown through their negotiations with consortia in other countries that they have little interest in increasing the publication of open access materials. Several of these agreements have been cancelled, most recently in Sweden in June of 2018. There are already signals that there will not be an agreement in place for Norwegian universities before the beginning of 2019.

Elsevier wants to charge for access to their journals in 2019 while the negotiations continue. This is not accepted by UNIT, and the access will cease from new year. We emphasize that the negotiations will continue, and it is not to be considered as a breakdown in the negotiations. USN - like other universities and university colleges - will lose access to journals from Elsevier from 1.1.2019.

Researchers in Germany and Sweden have also lost their access to ScienceDirect as a result of this breakdown in negotiations.


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